Operating History



Since its establishment in 2011, UCT has built on this foundation by providing the Oil Sector and United States Government (USG) worldwide with fuel transportations solutions, logistics services in addition to warehousing support.

UCT currently owns over 600 pieces of Equipment and Armored Vehicles in additions to 30,000 sqm of cold & dry warehouses.

Past Projects :

  • Logistic services support for USG contracts in Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan
  • Fully Armored Vehicles (FAV) servicing USG contracts in Afghanistan
  • Flatbed servicing oil companies at Basrah, Iraq

Current Project On Hands :

  • Warehousing facility in Afghanistan
  • Fuel transportation project in northern and southern Iraq
  • Logistics support services for Shell in Basrah, Iraq
  • Logistics support for catering services in Kuwait, KSA and Jordan
  • Fully Armored vehicles in Afghanistan
  • Supply Chain Management for catering companies in Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, Jordan and services